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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Walking WITH your dog!

Walking your dog essential for good behavior. It is how you get rid of all that energy they have, and if you are dreading going for walk that probably means you also aren't going as often as you should because you hate doing it. Walking you dog is the basis for training, the easiest time to teach a dog something is after a walk and they have all the crazy energy gone, and all the pay attention energy left! It also makes your life inside much easy since your dog won't have all that energy to be bouncing off the walls. So take your dog on a walk everyday! At least 30min, and more the bigger the dog!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Socializing your dog is a very important part of owning a balanced dog. You must start early and promote good social interactions. You do this by throwing your young puppy into the mix with a lot of different experiences so that they are not scared by new things. Scared dogs turn into dangerous, nervous dogs. You have to expose your dog to people and dogs at a young age so they learn to play nice, before they get older and bigger to the point when they can damage.