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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lay Down

Getting your dog to lay down is another command that should be in every dog owner's arsenal! It's also another easy one to teach and you'll find it comes in handy in many situations. This is also the base for many other tricks!
This one's gonna be quick and easy. Start by getting your dog to sit. Once the dos is sitting take the treat you have and say your command (down, lay, lay down or any word of your choice) and move the treat past the dog's nose and to the ground. The dog will follow the treat and just get them to lay all the way down before you let go of the treat. Don't forget to praise the dog once they lay down and are staying there. They will quickly associate the action and the command, all it will take from there is a little practice and reinforcement. Good luck!


  1. omgosh... it actually worked... thanks

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