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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taking Care of Your Dog's Hair

Taking care of your dog's hair is just one of the four main thing to consider when it come to grooming your dog. Depending on your dog there could be many different things that this step entails. I, however, have a pitbull so it's not that intensive, but I do take great pride in doing a great job and making sure Max looks good all the time!
Taking care of your dogs hair as with everything starts with their food. I like to add a raw egg or two to a Max's bowl once or twice a month. Eggs are great for the shine and overall health of the hair, and not to mention he loves it!

Some dogs require a lot more grooming than others, and some dogs shed, while others don't have hair. Pitbulls have short coat that doesn't shed much at all. Brushing your dog is the main thing people think about when it comes to dog hair. You should begin brushing your dog from a young age, even just rubbing the brush against them when they're young gets them used to it. You want them to consider brushing as a massage, not a battle that turns into terror. So practice and stay calm, you have to enjoy it for them to enjoy it! I think the hardest part about combing him is finding a brush that I like! I have found a glove or two in the past that I have liked, and my tip is 'When you find something that works, stick with(and buy ten)' because I found a glove I loved and when it wore out, it wasn't made anymore. I definitely recommend trying out all types, rubber, plastic, glove, brush.... so that you can find something that works, and is easy and quick for both you and your dog. With pitbulls, and as I would assume with all dogs, when you brush them you are actually invigorating the natural oils in the coat which helps moisturize the coat and make it shine.

Another important thing to note about pitbulls is that you should bathe them with a very gentle skin specific dog shampoo. You can dry out and damage you dog's coat using a normal shampoo. You can also do that if you bathe them too often! So don't do that. If you brush your dog often, the oils secreted will help keep the coat clean in between baths.

If you don't have a pitbull, you need to take the time and research your breed and the best ways to take care of their skin and coat. Every breed has specific needs so take the time to make sure your doing it right from the beginning.


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