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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taking Care of Your Dog's Nails

Taking care of your dog's nails is just one of the four main thing to consider when it come to grooming your dog. This one can also be one of the hardest, simply because of nail trimming. This can be one of the hardest thing for most dog owners to deal with. That is also why it so hard though, because your already in a bad state of mind there's a cloud that hangs around the whole activity. A cloud that we have to get rid of!

Trimming Max's nails is also one of the things that I have to work hardest at with him. It takes a lot of patience and cooperation to trim a big dogs nails. There are a few things that I have found help a lot, and it seems like everytime we do it it gets better. 

The first thing I do is when we are getting ready to trim his nails is I go and get the trimmers, show them to him let him sniff them and then put them on the floor where you plan to do the trimming. Take a seat and start to calm down about the task at hand, and let your dog calm down about it too. They should be allowed to be interested in the trimmers, not scared of them just sitting on the ground. Then once everyone is calm and ready you takes your positions on the floor. It is very important to stay calm and soothe your dog while setting up, and at all times. 

Now once you start trimming, position yourself with the dog so that he can't move too much but not squishing him either. Depending on how good you are now start with one hand at a time and take a break in between, letting the dog stand up and walk around and be happy and free again! Start over with the showing of the trimmers before you start the next foot, letting them know your not done yet, but keeping everybody calm too. They will eventually become good friends with the trimmers and eventually love nail trimming if you continue to do this. Max and I do front feet at once and then take a break before we do the back. 

Some other things I have found that help are having another person and treats. If you have another person there they can be a great help just soothing the dog, petting and calming him. If they also have treats and can keep the dog focused on the treat and not the act of trimming that is a huge help too! 

The most important thing is that you do a good job trimming the nails. Do your best not to cut the 'quick' and to be as nice to your dog as possible. They have to trust that you will not hurt them, and you have to trust that they will not freak out while your trying to cut! Trust is the most important piece of this puzzle, so work hard to build it strong! It will only make your whole relationship with your dog that much stronger!


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